I give shape to different colours of life. Something is called a story writer. Friends, this story is from a small village called Korma. Where the teacher Ram was engaged in making the future of children with his full dedication. Short stature and full personality with talent And the glimpse from the frontal knowledge, like this, looks like Professor Ram. In the middle of the village, there was the residence of Ram in the Gita Kutir. Surrounded by paved walls, this house was made up of about four rooms. There was a huge banyan tree in his courtyard, Ram used to teach everyday children under this banyan. Ram said, listen, Sonu, today you stand on the rise of this banyan. You will teach tables to all your peers? Sonu said yes sir..

In the same way, the class used to go every day. After the death of Rama’s parents, Ram had made the goal of his life only to disseminate knowledge to the children. Ram used to wake up at 4 o’clock and then sit in the courtyard and start the day with tea sip. And at 7 o’clock after a bath, wearing dhoti-kurta, hanging a long bag and taking an umbrella, used to go to bicycles to teach children. Professor Ram used to spend his time with children from morning to evening. Not only Korma but also the children of about 20 villages used to come and study from Professor Rama. Seeing his talent, the city’s teachers used to tell him why you are spoiling your talent here in the village, Here you need more. But Ram tells him that the goal of my life is to make good future of these children and my whole life is devoted to all these children. About 24 years had passed and today’s day was also to pass. The sun’s rays sat in the sky and we’re inviting the darkness.

All the children moved towards their homes. Tired Ram was sitting that the voice came from outside, teacher G. This notice has come to your name; Ram came out listening to it. Ram came out thinking that why this notice came to my name. When he read the notice, it was written that you have to leave this house. This land is disputed and its papers are not even there. After reading this news, the land dropped below the feet of Ram. Ram started thinking about where I would go in old age. In a few moments, Ram became infallible with a headache. This talk spread in the village and all the children of the village came to Rama. All the children of the village, the teacher reached Ram’s house. The children felt sad about being separated from their beloved teacher. Children said what will happen to our future now, The children began to say, who will embellish our future now? Such questions filled the eyes of the teacher Ram and With a crackling voice in a slow pose, he said that you go ahead, the path will be found yourself. Days passed and the last day of notice came.

One evening earlier, the teacher Ram gathered his clothes and put them in a small box. Although they did not have much to keep. The memories written on the walls of his house from Ram were not being left out. Now Ram, dusty and rusty and sat down with his ark, in which he had lived half his life. Photographs of his parents, old books, testimonials given by children etc. All these things have immersed the teacher Ram in old memories. By integrating everything, Ram sat down under his banyan tree in the courtyard outside his house. This tree has inspired them to live life. It was the same banyan, with which the Ram used to talk for hours. You know today I have run long and also left Suresh far behind. Rama’s mother used to voice behind this banyan, son Ram takes another chapati, oh how much trouble does this boy make me. That night, as if the banyan tree is wrapping Ram in his sheet and giving off some moments of relaxation. Tears flow with Ram’s eyes. And in the stream of these tears do not know when he fell asleep. The ray of the next morning, sending the banyan leaves, today was raising Ram as it was, the way his mother used to raise them. When he opened his eyes, Ram came out of the house and saw that some cars were coming towards his house.

All cars stopped by Ram’s house. All the staff in the car got out of the car and stood by his senior officer. A young boy landed with a car wearing a suit-boot. Ram handled his weak body and gave the keys to his house to the officer. Teacher Ram told the officer that I request you, please do not bury the banyan tree. Instead of taking the key, the teacher touched the feet of Ram. Everyone was amazed to see this. Everyone started thinking that why such a big officer is leaning on the feet of a modest teacher. Without delay, the teacher said to Ram, Sir, you did not recognize me. Sir, my name is Angad, I used to come to read from you every day under this banyan tree and Sir I used to sleep often at your house. The old eyes of Ram finally recognized Angad.