Child labour is a Crime

The session of child labour is increasing in our country.

As you are seeing all this picture, this is where it is doing the remaining wages of 6 to 12 years children. Now seeing this picture, some people will say that this is not a big deal, many parents make wages from their children And some children do their own wages. Just by saying these words, we finish the matter and escape. We see tiny-2 children working in shops, homes, hotels everywhere, and people leave by saying that, this is a very wrong thing and then we all become very busy in our lives.

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See the mentality of the people

These are the same people who live in their homes. These people do not let their children get up from the bed and they do all the work from small children, which they can not even themselves. And these children are treated very badly, they are treated like animals. This is the mentality of the people here. They see their children innocent and these kids look like machines. The government made the law strict that little children will not be hired, and whoever does this will be punished. But even after this, people did not stop and are still keeping small children to work at home. Some people take advantage of children’s ability to do double work in children’s money. Due to their mentality, many people also beat these children and do not even feed them properly. What to do with such people, whose mentality is so dirty.

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Education is important for children

Studies are necessary for children, but due to poverty, they are put into wages. And many people take advantage of it, Now you will think about how people take advantage of children because younger children can be employed in less money than older people. Similarly, children are exploited in every way. While children need education because children are the future of our country. These are the heads of our country on all these children. But for them, they need education. Education is such knowledge, that children can understand right and wrong. Therefore, we have to give every child the right to get an education.

childhood child danger
children is in damger

Society has also divided the right to education for children

chilhood child labour
childhood is in danger

Our society also has a very big obstacle in education

The first difference is revealed by these government and private schools. Due to higher fees in private schools, poor people cannot read their child in private school. Because of which the children of more than half the population of the country can not get proper education Some children who go to a government school after fighting their circumstances, few of them are able to overcome and face this world. And the other children leave their studies and become victims of wrong associations and some children do not let our society grow ahead, he has not educated, now he can work as a peon or a labourer. Then there are things left for them. Our society does not encourage anyone. Rather people are showing more humility. If this society performs its duty to educate poor children then no child will be seen doing wages. Then every child will be educated and this will end child labour.

childhood child labour
childhood is in danger


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