A woman is a beautiful gift on earth

women are a beautiful gift on earth. She is a flower, which should feel the fragrance. It should not break or muddle. She is not just a machine to use. Rather she is such a person in this world that gives rise to another person. But from the beginning it is the thinking of men that we are above, Just prove yourself strong and this thought kept a woman in control, Regardless of whether they have to exploit the person, have a dowry or have to be tied at home. Because of this, we do not give them as much importance as we should, But she keeps herself strong while struggling with every problem. And this thing makes them a beautiful gift on earth.

woman, strong

A woman is not a machine

A woman is complete in every way. Just spent a lot of time thinking about their ability. Yet whenever the opportunity got, then she has shown proving themselves. She never gives up, whether they are at home or at work. Today women are at the top of the place, But there are still many such villages and cities, where the condition of her is very bad. In many homes, they are treated like animals. She is used just as a thing. Does she have no existence? She has come to give physical pleasure to the man and to bring a child? No. It’s not like that. Though she can do everything. But all of us have started to understand her like a machine. And we all started to behave like this. A woman can do everything that ten men cannot even do together.

woman, strong
woman is not a machine

A woman is complete in every way

A woman is complete in every way. Some people deny this, These are the same people who do not understand her. Unless the man’s thinking changes, the woman will be treated as a thing. But people should carefully consider one thing, that why God has the right to create a new life, why only the woman? These rights are only with God, but God has given this right only and only to her. Is the answer to any man? How many relationships a woman is made, mother, daughter, wife, sister, and in this way she shifts herself in every relationship. Apart from this, a woman, after leaving her house, adopts another’s house and then takes her for life. And the pain of creating a child, only a woman can suffer, a man can not tolerate this pain. And she handles herself and her family, alone in every problem. She sacrificed a lot in her life and did not even tell anyone. Start writing on the woman, do not know how many pages will be filled, because the woman is so great and complete in every way.

woman is very strong

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